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Getting to know POPI: Definitions

It is important to understand POPI’s definitions of “personal information” and “processing” in order to determine whether POPI will apply to a specific situation. You will remember in our last edition we discussed personal information. 

“Processing” has an equally wide definition. Basically it covers anything that one can do with personal information.

It would include anything from collecting information to destroying it. For this reason, you must carefully consider what you do with personal information and whether it is even necessary to collect that information in the first place.

It is important to review the forms you use to gather information (for example, application forms) to determine whether it is necessary to request all the information dealt with in those forms. What this means is that if you don’t need to have the piece of information for the purpose of the transaction, you should not ask for it. For example, if there are some aspects of a person’s personal information that you don’t need in order to sign a sole mandate then don’t ask for those fields.

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