3 September 2020

Empathy is good for business.

An analysis conducted by a leading market research company found that periods of rapid change have tended to coincide with a more empathetic and relatable outlook as our right brain begins to take over, compared to our prior dominant left-brain.

Their advice
encourages brands to show their generosity, spontaneity, humility, self-awareness and even give people something to smile about. These human characteristics are what brands could consider adopting if they are to come out of a crisis stronger.

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Acrylamide: Should your food come with a warning label?

Acrylamide is a potentially carcinogenic compound that forms naturally in starchy food products during the processes of frying, baking, toasting and roasting. These high-temperature cooking processes are often necessary to create great flavour and texture – but at what price?
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Sugar: sweet regulatory nothings

Studies continue to show that added sugar consumption is a public health concern, and that strategies should be implemented in a multi-sectorial approach to address it. With as much as 70% of pre-packaged foods containing sugar, it is difficult for the consumer to avoid it. Food regulations are one platform that could have a positive effect on added sugar consumption – and therefore have a positive health impact on consumers.
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Durum wheat fraud: what is the risk?

Durum wheat is a tetraploid species of wheat that was developed by artificial selection around 7000 BC. It is renowned for its extensible properties, making it the wheat variety of choice for pasta production. However, durum wheat products are not tightly regulated in South Africa, and its higher market value compared to that of common wheat may put it at major risk of adulteration. How do you confirm durum wheat authenticity, and what are the testing limitations?
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An introduction: biodegradable and compostable plastic

The desire for alternatives to traditional plastic packaging that deliver lower environmental impact has created a growing market for biodegradable and compostable packaging. However, there is currently very little in the way of effective consumer education around biodegradable and compostable plastics. In addition to this, brand owners, retailers and consumers typically are unaware of the range of material types available, their properties, and when it is appropriate to use each. 
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FACTS EVENTS 2020 | Where / how can I apply for gluten-free certification?

You are allowed to make a gluten-free claim on a product, providing the product complies to relevant regulations, but unfortunately no gluten-free certification scheme has been approved by the Department of Health. Therefore, it is not currently possible to apply a gluten free certification symbol on any product in South Africa.

To find out more on what type of allergen-free labelling is permitted under the current labelling regulations, register for our upcoming Online Practical Allergen Management Workshop on the 21st to 23rd of October 2020.

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