6 May 2020

A slight upward turn - as we start to adjust to the level 4 lockdown restrictions.

Literature suggests that the next phase of experiencing loss is a time for experimenting. To seek realistic solutions to problems posed by the lockdown. To start working on practical and financial solutions. This time is perhaps ideal to reconstruct ourselves, our business and our lives. 

We are standing by to assist and bring you peace of mind wherever your food endeavours may take you. 

The FACTS team

WEBINAR | How COVID-19 presents vulnerabilities for the food supply chain

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we find ourselves in uncharted waters. As the entire world is focused on the pandemic, we as the food industry should not lose sight of the risks and hazards that accompanies such a crisis. Listen to Dr. Harris Steinman from FACTS and Dr. Chetan Palmer from Decernis speak on How COVID-19 Presents Vulnerabilities for the Food Supply Chain in this Food Focus webinar. Learn how to plan for the worse and hope for the best.



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Insight & Guide | Environmental monitoring & Robust testing schedules

Being able to identify which areas within a food facility are vulnerable to all hazards and which ingredients are vulnerable to food fraud is essential in ensuring the early detection of any potential risks.

This can be achieved through building a robust testing schedule which takes into consideration all areas of concern (hygiene, microbial, food fraud and food safety in general). It is one way in which you can ensure you detect a potential issue before it becomes a problem.

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Hand hygiene

Hand hygiene is an essential, one of the most important practices in our daily lives. Where health is concerned, it crosses the borders of all industries. We look at hand hygiene practices in the food industry – personnel practices, and which hand-washing solution is the best. And what you dry your hands with also makes a difference!

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Have you validated your hand-washing procedure against allergen cross-contamination?

Choosing the most suitable testing method to validate your hand-washing might seem daunting, but we can assist with determining the best possible solution and provide you with the necessary resources to perform a validation study.

Find out if your hand-washing procedure is effectively removing allergens and how we can help you here

Myth-buster | 'Immune boosting' claims during COVID-19

With a deluge of information constantly circulating due to the current state of flux and confusion secondary to COVID-19, there are a number of ‘immune-boosting’ foods and supplements being marketed. Here, we dispel a few myths we have seen regarding immune function and infection risk relating to COVID-19.

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We are working on collating information that will support the food industry during this time. Check out our FACTS COVID-19 page regularly for more information.

Fruit juice: healthy beverage choice, or health halo effect?

For decades, fruit juice consumption has been associated with a healthy lifestyle, based on the belief these products offer a good source of vitamins and contain healthy sugars. But are the products that we’re purchasing offering the nutritional value that we perceive? Research has shown that consumers may form nutritional inferences about a specific product, leading to an overestimation of the healthiness of an item, known as the health halo effect. Could this be the case with fruit juice?

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Patulin is a mycotoxin produced by Penicillium, Aspergillus and Byssochlamys moulds that may grow on fruit. Although processing steps such as pasteurisation will typically destroy mould residues, patulin levels already present may be carried through from whole fruit into juice products, posing a health risk to consumers. This was found to be the case in a recent recall of an Australian bottled fruit juice product, where patulin levels in the product were 260 ppb, well exceeding the action level of 50 ppb adopted by the Centre for Food Safety. Read the article here

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Aflatoxin hazard: No standards set for US peanuts intended for Europe

You can have complete food safety compliance in your facility, and follow best practice; but if you have an unknown contaminant or adulterant in your raw materials, you’ve lost the game before you’ve even had a chance to play.

The process from farm to fork is extensive, and extremely complicated. As a food manufacturer or distributor, you are accountable and responsible for any problems in that complex supply chain.

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