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Crafting a new era of fermented products

Due to their enhancement of nutritional qualities, fermented foods and beverages could assist in addressing our current challenge: increasing our intake of nutritious, value-added foods. However, we should remain aware of the risks of consumption.

Fermentation has not only allowed the preservation of foods for centuries; it has also earned fermented foods a reputation for having health-giving properties. Some of these are: the enhancement of nutrients, the removal of anti-nutrients (plant compounds that reduce the body's ability to absorb essential nutrients), the provision of probiotic bacteria, and the inhibition of foodborne pathogens. Some experts even recommend that fermented foods be included in national dietary recommendations. As a result of these benefits, fermented foods have become a trend the world over. The Western diet is familiar with fermented foods such as... Read more here.

New Alert

Are you drinking adulterated tea?

Cup of tea? Ceylon, green or rooibos?

We have the privilege of choosing from an immense variety of teas in our daily lives; but do we really know what we’re drinking? Adulteration of tea has been taking place since the early 1800s, and not only decreases the quality of the product, but also leads to harmful health consequences – and may even cause allergic reactions in unsuspecting consumers.

Tea is one of our most preferred drinks; however, teas that have been adulterated could contain harmful materials such as... Read more here.

Food Fraud Workshop: Know Thy Enemy

Food fraud is deliberate or intentional tampering with food products by means of adulteration, substitution or misrepresentation of the food products for economic gain. Knowing how to interpret what the various standards require and what to expect when audited against these new standards is a new challenge the food industry is currently coming to grips with.

FACTS and NSF are offering a 1 day course which will enable you to understand and act on the:

  • Opportunities for food fraud
  • How to scan the horizon for vulnerabilities
  • How analytical analysis can assist with the prevention and control of food fraud
  • How to utilise risk assessment models for both raw materials and suppliers

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