1 April 2020

How can we assist you?

As we begin the first week of lockdown, it seems appropriate to consider the loss we will experience. Whether we’re confined to our homes, or we’re on the essential services list and having to supply services or products to the community, we have all lost something.

The literature suggests that we experience the first stage of loss as a state of shock. Shock provides emotional protection from being overwhelmed by so much happening all at once.

We understand the pressure you’re facing to produce and supply safe food to all South Africans and want to make it easy for you to maintain production and the constant flow of goods. However you’re feeling and wherever you are, we are just a call away.

Here's to making your job easier:

We have registered and have our permit to continue trading as an essential service during the lockdown period.

As always, our goal is to support the food industry with our laboratory services, compliance with food safety, allergen management, and mitigating the risk of food fraud, along with our regulatory services.

1. Sample submission - document exceptions (acceptance notes):

Although we encourage you to continue to complete acceptance notes and supply POs as normal, we understand that in the next couple of weeks there may be times when this will not be possible. In those instances, if you are unable to complete an acceptance note, we will be glad to complete it on your behalf and email it to you for final approval.

If you would like to take up this offer, please make sure that samples are identifiable, and traceable to the company and contact person who submitted them. Samples received without an acceptance note must be clearly marked, indicating the following:
(a) company name
(b) division (if applicable)
(c) technical contact person
(d) sample details to be displayed on samples

You are also welcome to email sample details to [email protected] when you send us your samples. If you have any concerns or questions about this service, please let us know.

2. Courier service for samples:

We have been told by our regular courier service provider that they will not be able to supply overnight services and will only operate in major centres. We suspect the same will apply to the courier companies you use. If you need to courier perishable items, please pack the samples appropriately to keep your products cool.

Please note that it is a requirement that all couriers that have been deemed as essential services MUST attach a copy of their CIPC certificate to each sample shipment. Please download our CIPC certificate here to accompany yours.

Please contact [email protected] to discuss courier disruptions, so that we can assess how we can support you during this time. 

3. FACTS COVID-19 webpage update:

Information on the extent of transmission of the Coronavirus and the development of the world’s understanding of the nature of transmission is changing daily. To assist, we are working on collating information that will support the food industry during this time. Check the FACTS COVID-19 page regularly for more information.

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