5 June 2020 

As we integrate level three into our lifestyle, we become aware of the opportunity to create and maintain healthy habits.

Here are a few tips to help you integrate habits into your day-2-day:

  • Start with an incredibly small habit. "Make it so easy you can’t say no." - Leo Babauta 
  • Increase your habit in very small ways. "Success is a few simple disciplines, practiced every day; while failure is simply a few errors in judgement, repeated every day." - Jim Rohn
  • When you slip, get back on track quickly. "The best way to improve your self-control is to see how and why you lose control." - Kelly McGonigal 

Be patient and maintain a pace you can sustain. 

We are standing by to assist you and bring you peace of mind wherever your food endeavours may take you. 

The FACTS team


Amendments, Dispensations and Concessions - who issues them, and when

One area of regulatory lingo that sometimes causes confusion or misunderstanding concerns exactly what amendments, dispensations and concessions are. What makes this especially confusing is that no one government department involved in food legislation issues all of these types of notices. Knowing exactly when and how each is applied by the various departments will assist you in correctly interpreting and applying the law. Read more here


The latest version of the virtual events table has been updated.
Have you had a look yet? 
Download it here and find access to the regulations for each alert level as they become available. We post them on our FACTS COVID-19 page and update it regularly for your peace of mind


Almond Adulteration: The major health risk associated with apricot kernels

Almonds are among the world’s most widely-consumed tree nuts, but their high price tag puts them at risk of food fraud. How do you detect fraudulent kernels and tell them apart from the real deal? Read more here


To equip you against Food Fraud, we offer a range of services including Vulnerability AssessmentsFood TestingContact us for more information and expert advice


Safety and toxicity of natural ingredients

Botanicals and plant food substances – we are often told the good, but are we aware of the potential safety risks? Here we discuss some associated safety and toxicity risks that you might not know about. Read more here



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Food Safety is a shared responsibility


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