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Huge potential for South African companies in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado province-Mapure thanked the businesses for joining the province in writing the new story of oil and gas and showed confidence in the growth of the economy post the trade and investment mission...Read more

Dubai Rugby Sevens: The Africa Sevens champions are all set to claw through Pool A rivals- A month into their reign as the Africa Men’s Sevens Rugby champions, the Zimbabwe Cheetahs are on their way to participate at the Dubai Rugby Sevens as local club side, Old Georgians RFC makes a...Read more

ROCKWELL AUTOMATION AND PTC LAUNCH COLLABORATIVE OFFERING TO DRIVE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION ACROSS INDUSTRIAL ENTERPRISES- New FactoryTalk InnovationSuite, powered by PTC, to accelerate digital transformation strategies for greater productivity through simplification of complex processes in industrial businesses...Read more

ENGEN LEARN PROGRAMME PROVIDES CRITICAL LIFE-SKILLS- Engen, in collaboration with FUEL Online Training, has delivered a record 3.5 million training interventions to Engen forecourt....Read more

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SETTING A NEW ERA IN INDUSTRIAL VACUUM CLEANING- With Delfin’s range of DG EXP three-phase industrial vacuum cleaners, Goscor Cleaning Equipment (GCE) is offering a game-changing industrial vacuuming solution for all areas of application, from dust to liquid and solid material...Read more

ATLAS COPCO INDUSTRIAL SOUTH AFRICA RECEIVES OUTSTANDING AWARD FOR ITS LEADERSHIP ROLE IN THE GREEN BUILDING ECONOMY- According to Green Building Design Group CEO Songo Didiza, this award is provided to companies and other industry partners that have...Read more

BMG FLUID TECHNOLOGY – PARKER OIL FILTRATION AND PURIFICATION SYSTEMS – 10 MFP PORTABLE FILTRATION TROLLEYS- BMG’s Fluid Technology division offers advanced filtration, separation and purification solutions, to ensure fluids – including water, fuel...Read more

WATER-EFFICIENT CLEANING TECHNOLOGY TAKES CENTRE STAGE- Leading southern African cleaning equipment supplier, Goscor Cleaning Equipment, notes that water-efficient cleaning equipment has become more sought-after, especially considering the...Read more

DUSTSCRAPE DUST EMISSION PREVENTION SYSTEM FOR BULK MATERIALS HANDLING ON CONVEYOR BELTSBLTWORLD offers dependable solutions for specific problems at the transfer points of conveyor systems in bulk materials handling. “ScrapeTec Trading’s German-engineered products, have been specially developed for the prevention of ...Read more

MINEARC SYSTEMS: PROVIDING LIFE-SUPPORT SOLUTIONS TO THE PETROCHEMICAL INDUSTRY- It is not uncommon to find shelter-in-place or safe haven locations designated within chemical facilities across the globe. What varies is the level of protection. Functionality can range from merely a muster point...Read more

IMPROVE FUEL QUALITY “CLEAN, PROTECT & POLISH”- Diesel is an organic substance that weakens over time due to a build-up of bacteria and algae incompatible with today’s high specification diesel engines. These impurities, together with water and rust particles caused by corrosion, often block filters and fuel pumps and...Read more

OPINION PIECE: BUSINESS CONTINUITY AND DISASTER RECOVERY – WHAT BUSINESSES NEED TO KNOW- The smallest disruption to a business can have a long-lasting impact, from interrupted production to lost customers. It’s critical that businesses have a business continuity plan in place to not only minimise the ...Read more

FLYWHEEL PUMP PREVENTS DAMAGE TO INFRASTRUCTURE- Local pump manufacturer, KSB Pumps and Valves, showed-off its world-class engineering ability recently when it was called upon to develop a unique flywheel water pump system able to continue pumping long enough to mitigate the possible ...Read more

EUROPEAN UNION STRENGTHENS ITS PARTNERSHIP WITH MAURITIUS AND THE REGION TO FIGHT DRUG TRAFFICKING- The meeting will also help to build and strengthen trust and relationships between key parties involved in the work to combat drug trafficking...Read more

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The African Petrochemical Roadshow offers a diagonal slice of the industry, showcasing and highlighting multiple products, services and expertise available to the Petrochemical Industry, General Engineering, Mining...Read more

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