The end of a "Naughty" era

Early this year we received a message to let us know that a pony named “Naughty” had died at a very rich age in his adoptive home. All the long-standing staff from Cart Horse knew him and one of them remarked that it was truly the end of an era.

Naughty was just 11 hands high and in the early years of Cart Horse, his owner, Manie Louw, got into a lot of trouble for overloading him. He was taken off the road and warnings were issued many times. This is often the problem when owners have a day-job and rent out their horses to other drivers to work with them.

He was quite the little character and was one of the horses who was lead through the house to get to his stable in the backyard. One day, Meisie Louw had cooked some curry and laid the table. Naughty stopped on the way to his stable and finished half the curry that was meant for their supper!

Manie eventually started working with him himself, and in fact he improved so much that in 2010, when we handed out new carts to the ten best owners, Manie and Naughty also received one.

Sadly, tragedy struck the very next day. Manie was on his way to our clinic in Epping when he was overtaken on a bridge by a car. When another car came from the opposite direction, he decided to swerve right into the cart instead of hitting the oncoming car head on. Although Naughty only sustained superficial injuries, Manie was flung from the cart and killed in the accident.

The driver of the car didn’t have a licence and the car wasn’t legal on the road either…

Although the entire carting community came together to help Meisie and her family, Naughty slowly lost condition after the death of his owner. He was taken to the R&R and because Cart Horse did not have an adoption programme of our own at that time, once recovered, he was taken to the SPCA and put up for adoption.

Naughty was lucky to have found a home with Birgitta Cederstrom. His best friend was a massive warmblood and he lived the last years of his life in luxury!


Top left: Naughty when we took him to R&R.                             Top right: Naughty rehabilitated and ready for adoption

Naughty at his adoptive home with Birgitta Cederstrom

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