Firstly, it is our fervent wish that you and your loved ones are all safe and well and that you will remain so during the nationwide lockdown in our country. To all those in South Africa and around the world who have had the misfortunate to fall ill with the Coronavirus, we hope and pray for a speedy recovery.

As a collective community, we would like to express our empathy with those who have lost loved ones to this and any other disease or unnatural cause. We live in a time where we are experiencing a heightened state of grief and anxiety that has affected the entire globe.

Yes, the fear is very real – we are all concerned about our health and our livelihoods. We are with you in this, and we, just like you, have been indelibly affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. We know that at some point, we will come out of this, and we as a team, aim to come out with strength of purpose and personal dignity, knowing that we were there for others – our families, friends, clients, colleagues and fellow South Africans. We will do what we can to rebuild the economy on the other side, and are determined to do so.

We only want to say that we, as a team, are here, and we would like to express our solidarity with you, and the rest of the world. We’d also like to do what we can to help, in any way we possibly can.

At the moment, during lockdown we are still working remotely, and we do have access to the Internet and we do have lively social media channels with considerable followings on each. Please let us provide additional exposure for your design firm, products or business? Please contact us for any special offers, new products, discounts or services that you are promoting. We want to use the resources we have at our disposal to try and support the industry as much as possible. And, we’d like to focus on content that is useful and uplifting so that our channels also provide a source of stimulation and sense of community at a time when people are confined to their homes. Please connect with us digitally – we will need you, too - during this period of isolation.

We’d like to salute and thank all our essential food services and emergency workers who will continue to provide and care for us at a time when doing so places them at personal risk.

Please stay healthy!


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