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  • Food Fraud Trending in 2020
  • Coronavirus Myths: FACTS clear up the misconceptions 
  • Podcast: The nutritional value in your breakfast cereal. Dietician Gabrielle Jackson speaks to Cape Talk
  • Are nigella sativa seeds prone to adulteration?
  • Pollen allergy warning: Invasive species pollen detected in SA for the first time
  • FACTS: Public workshops VS Online training solutions

"Food is the ingredient that binds us together"

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Food Fraud Trending in 2020

Food fraud has been around for over 200 years; and the more connected we become through social media and web-based media platforms, the more incidents of food fraud come to light. It would indeed be a great advantage if we could have a magical crystal ball to give an exact indication of food fraud incidents that will occur in the future; in reality, we must rely on retrospective data and statistical reports.
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Coronavirus Myths:
FACTS clear up the misconceptions

*this is an emerging global story. Please ensure you research and follow trusted international and local media sources for updates*

There is much confusion regarding the risk of transmission of the novel (new) coronavirus (2019-nCoV) via meat and other food products. FACTS has received many queries relating to the issue, from the risk of food fraud to questions about the consumption of meat and testing for the virus. We have compiled this article to increase awareness around exactly what the coronavirus is, and whether it can be spread through meat or animals. 
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Podcast: The nutritional value in your breakfast cereal

INTERVIEW: Gabrielle Jackson is a registered dietitian and heads our regulatory department. In this podcast Gabrielle addresses the nutritional value in your breakfast cereal.

To listen to her interview with the popular Cape Talk’s Pippa Hudson and Wendy Knowler click on the link below.

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Are nigella sativa seeds prone to adulteration?

Nigella sativa seeds – commonly known as black cumin, black seed, and love-in-a mist, among other names – have received widespread attention in recent years, as a result of their ‘magical’ properties and distinct, savoury taste. But are these seeds susceptible to the risk of food fraud?
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Pollen allergy warning: Invasive species pollen detected in SA for the first time

Highly allergic Ragweed Pollen detected in SA pollen spore traps for the first time by Aerobiologist Dr Dilys Berman at UCT (also part of the FACTS team) and Prof Jonny Peter, who heads the UCT Lung Institute’s Allergy Unit.

To learn more about this discovery,
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FACTS: Public Workshops VS Online Training Solutions

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