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New Alerts

Heavy metals found in Turmeric

It's no surprise that turmeric, the ‘golden spice’, is in the spotlight again – this time, with evidence-based research. The reason? Increased consumer demand for brightly coloured turmeric powder has led to its adulteration with lead.

The addition of lead chromate (PbCRO4) enhances the brightness of turmeric. Lead is a public health threat, as even low levels of exposure can lower IQ and disrupt normal cognitive development, especially in children... Read more here.

Where are allergens hidden?

As manufacturers and consumers, we often emphasise allergens that we know in the eight common regulated food allergens in South Africa; but how alert are consumers to innocent-looking food products that contain hidden allergens? And what about non-food products that could also pose a risk, such as wheat in children’s play dough?... Read more here.

Consumer assurance:
Creating cleaner label products

With 60% of the consumers in the US associating ‘clean’ claims on products with greater ‘healthfulness’ of the products, as well as lower environmental impact, it’s no wonder that there’s been an increase in consumer focus not only on the ingredients listed on product labels, but also on those that food producers prefer not to mention...

From pesticides and heavy metals to plasticisers in food, there’s a lot to consider when building or reformulating a sustainable or ‘clean’ brand of food product.... Read more here.


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