15 April 2021

In this newsletter, we will uncover if you need to declare a date marking on your product, highlight the importance of keeping abreast of the international allergen news and shine the spotlight on our technical team who are there to provide you with excellent service.  

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How do you need to declare a date marking on your product? 

Among the plethora of practices about which labelling regulations appear to be unclear, date marking seems to be one that comes to the fore in many countries, including South Africa.

Why is this seemingly straightforward marking requirement so often under scrutiny? And how do we ensure the requirements of the regulations are applied correctly? 

We created an easy to follow flow diagram to assist you in correctly applying date markings to your products. 


Learn more and browse through our resource centre to discover and download resources that will help you along your food safety journey.
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Often focus is placed on R.146 (Regulations relating to the labelling and advertising of foodstuffs), but there are many other regulations that also have implications on the labelling of a food.

FACTS is hosting a 4-day online workshop (divided into two parts of two sessions each) with the aim to provide an in-depth understanding of all the relevant regulations relating to the labelling of foods.

Limited ‘seats’ available.

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FACTS offers Regulatory and Labelling Assistance.
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Allergen News | What you may have missed in 2020 

2020 was simultaneously both a long and a short year. We were bombarded with new information on SARS-CoV-2, almost on a daily basis. Our year was spent trying to come to grips with the practical implications of lockdown regulations, physical distancing, and the impact of the pandemic on a local and global scale.  

But while we were focused on the pandemic, among other things, two key strides were made in the field of allergen management.  

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The FACTS team can assist with all your allergen management requirements such as maintaining a robust allergen management plan, on-site training, online workshops, masterclasses and free downloadable resources for you to use.
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Innovative people

Our technical team work together, cooperating and combining their efforts with the common goal of finding the best way to assist our clients with services that will support their businesses in delivering safe and authentic food to their customers.

Culturing a collection of skills and qualifications results in a think tank of individuals with a genuine interest in their fields of expertise; their creative outlet comes from combining their skills with the support and data from our testing laboratory.

The result? The benefit of peace of mind from your go-to company.

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Our laboratory is based in Stellenbosch, Western Cape. You can find our directions here or contact us for more information. Our multi-disciplinary team of experts are here to assist you with all your testing and interpretation requirements.


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