November 2019

Quarter 4 overview

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Market overview

South African vehicle market 

The vehicle market is being affected by the downward economic environment we are currently experiencing in South Africa, despite these tough times there are market segments that are finding unique ways to navigate. 

Used Vehicle Market

Considering the index for a 4-year old Passenger vehicle, we see an increasing upward trend from early 2014 until the end of 2017. 

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Brand contributions

Best performing vehicle segments over the last year

The crossover segment is the most popular in terms of sales in a number of different provinces, closely followed by the MPV. 

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Food for thought

We all agree the best channel of advertising is through a happy customers recommendation, conversly it can negatively affect your brand if a customer leaves your business unhappy. 

What are the most important factors clients consider when recommending a motor body repairer to a friend or family member? 

Is it all about repair quality, or does returning a clean vehicle play more of a role? 

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