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TRAIL Mail #22: Friday 12 June 2020

It's Lockdown 2.0 for (digital) issue 36.
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New virtual events this month.

Last 18 days to win your Suunto 7.

In this issue (click the category to save scrolling):

  1. From the Editors. Friends, Lockdown 2.0, running, and waterfalls.
  2. Photo of the week. A birthday trek in Cape Town.
  3. News. Snow in the south, and backing a buddy.
  4. Funny. Top trail running tips from Dumb Runner.
  5. Trail Poll. Have your fellow trail users been behaving?
  6. Calendar. New contact-less events and races to look forward to.
  7. Gear. World-class support from Anita's Racerback DynamiXstar bra.
  8. Competition. Last 18 days to win Suunto 7 smartwatch worth R8,000.
  9. TRAIL, digital. Read issue 35 online. Print off shelves now.

DEON: Friends, deadlines, and running.

A fortnight ago I was added to a WhatsApp group of Matric classmates, the Class of 84. A whole lot of hilarity has ensued. Have you found that you've also been contacted by people or reached out to people who you've lost contact with? Isn't it a wonderful feeling to remember some of your crazy shenanigans, while sharing this current crazy moment? Our friends shape us, with connections that make the scaffolding of our life more robust. Reach out, and cherish them.

This experience reminds me how special the trail running connections I've made are. I think you'll find that community spirit shining in our pending issue, which is going to be our first digital-only issue. It's a big step for us, and we cannot do it without you. So we reached out in a previous Trail Mail. If you contributed to our survey, thank you.

The bottom line? The vast majority of respondents (91%) said they will give digital a try, even if they do prefer print. We are working hard to make it a very special experience, and rest assured that we will continue to build on that. We're implementing your feedback to make our text larger and more fun to read on smartphones and tablets.

With a good deal of work left to get the mag live by 29 June (a week later than planned before COVID-19), we won't have a Trail Mail next week (19 June) or the Friday after (26 June). We'll catch you back here on Friday 5 July.

Wishing you happy trails on a wonderful weekend!

Deon Braun, TRAIL founder

HELOISE: The edge is my happy place.

I had an urge when I set off on my solo trail exploration of Giba Gorge on Saturday morning. I wanted to take a risk. Maybe it was to really use all the fight or flight stress built up in my body, or maybe it was to recreate a remembered sense of freedom and adventure. 

Years ago I was a homeschool tutor, and one of the boys I taught was a super adventure companion: happy-go-lucky, curious, playful, patient. We would ride our bikes around Giba Gorge and hop off to investigate. Once we found a mine and played in the mud. Once we left our bikes at the base of a massive cascading waterfall and scaled it up and down. It was this cascade that I pursued on Saturday. (Not the McIntosh Falls pictured!)

And I made it all the way to the top of the slippery, overgrown waterfall! By myself. It's been a while since I've felt so accomplished. I can't be the only trail runner who really enjoys the feeling of being in danger. It really clears your head... 

Here's to many more adventures, mine and yours!

Heloise Hunter, TRAIL associate editor

A number of trails have opened with level 3 lockdown, now that the 5km radius restriction has fallen away. We loved seeing your photos on Monday's Trail Trophy Facebook thread.

In our favourite this week, Beryl Penny celebrates her birthday with her trail hounds and best trail buddy. They adventured from Llandudno Ravine to Constantia Nek, exploring Judas Peak, Grootkop, and Mclears.

Her photo may appear in a future TRAIL issue – and so could yours.

Share your lockdown trail running #TrailTrophies on Facebook and Twitter at any time. Use that hashtag and #trailmagpix on Instagram and Twitter when you tag us. Or email us. Be sure to tell us a bit about your run for the caption. (Please note: event photographer images aren't printed.)

Prefer words? Write a letter instead. Your opinions, life-changing experiences, happy and sad memories, and reflections on our sport are waiting to be shared with the community. If your letter is published, you'll receive a pair of run-specific Feetures socks.

Nontu Mgabhi raising money for school children and their families 

Remember Nontu? At the beginning of 2020 she became the first African woman to complete the World Marathon Challenge, running a marathon on each continent in seven days. She did it to raise funds for Khiphinkunzi Primary School in Zululand.

Now she is running 45km (or more) to raise money for food packages for the families of those school children. Donate R450 (or more) and she will match your donation, purchasing a food parcel worth R900 for a family.

Sandes hits the snow 

Feeling a little bit of a chill in the Cape? The first snow of the season has hit, and Ryan Sandes took on the frosty slopes of Matroosberg with photographer Craig Kolesky.

Some top tips from Dumb Runner! Let us know how they work out on your next run... 

Find the original post on Facebook.

Are the people you're sharing trails with behaving responsibly?

Or are they crowding and not covering their mouth and nose when you pass?

Tell us in the poll on Facebook or Twitter!

Look out for trail events later in the year when you scroll to the bottom of our web calendar. A highlight is the Heaven and Hell Mountain Marathon (23-24 September) in Rhodes, EC. There are 5km, 8km, 14km, 22km, 44km, and 88km routes. Pure, brutal wilderness mountain run in Southern Drakensberg. Only two people have ever finished the 44km. The new 88km has 7,510m vert!

If you organise an event please tell us if and when it is happening! We want to list you in our coming issue.

Since there will be few, if any, events to report on in our next issue 36 (we're aiming to go live on 22 June, but we'll keep you posted), we will be dedicating that space to your FKTs and adventures. Please email Heloise details of your independent solo adventures. You can send images once she's confirmed she's keen to feature your story. You may be in our next issue.

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LAST 3 WEEKS: If you haven't entered yet to win your Suunto 7 smartwatch worth R8,000, isn't it about time you did? This competition closes 30 June, and the winner will be announced on the competition page and our social media. So enter now.

It's easy to get points, and the draw is done randomly. You have as good a chance as anyone!

To enter, visit the page and scroll down to click on the widget below the image immediately under the intro text. It might take a few seconds to load, so don't scroll too fast or you'll miss it! Points are earned for each platform or entry method you successfully complete.

When you refresh the competition page, the app will show you how many entries you have accumulated, and which entries were successful.

You're not in the draw until you enter. Why not do that right now?

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